Gym Anxiety: What it is and how to overcome it

We all start our week off saying, “This is the week I am going to give 110% to my workouts!”. As we start to walk across the gym floor it hits us like a ton of bricks…I have no idea what I am doing here. Do not worry you are not alone! Gym anxiety is universally experienced by many gym goers. It does not discriminate between gender, size, strength, or how fit you are.

No Fear All-City Fitness is here! We are going to give you 6 tips that will assist you in overcoming Gym Anxiety, while boosting your confidence. This will ultimately help you make the most of your time and workouts.

*Write your Workout Before- Plan ahead with what you want to accomplish during your workouts. Doing this will hold you accountable and will make you less likely to back out.

*Focus on YOUR Workout- It is just YOU, so do not waste time comparing yourself to others. Remind yourself how great you’re doing and be proud that you made it to the gym today.

*Talk to an Instructor- Knowledge is key and here at All-City Fitness we want to help you with your fitness goals. We offer everything from 1:1 Personal Training to helpful hints or intro to the equipment.

*Exercise off Peak Hours- ACF is open 24/7, so find a time that works best for you and your schedule. Just remember working out around other people on peak hours will get you more comfortable in the gym.

*Bring a Friend- When you are with someone you know at the gym you will feel more relaxed and will be able to have fun. August is bring a friend to the gym month at All-City Fitness, so be on the lookout for your FREE passes 🙂

*Have Confidence- believe in yourself and stick to your plan. This is your journey within fitness and life, so remember that the person looking back in mirror decided to be here. Always strut yourself and give it your all every-time you step foot in the gym.

Feel free to reach out to us over social media if you have concerns regarding the gym or fitness. We at All-City Fitness are here to help and would like to work with you to overcome your gym anxiety.

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